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Welcome to DataVer. We are the premier data management verification service for scientific data.

DataVer is a service to verify compliance of grant-funded data to the funder’s data management guidelines. We believe that data must be properly documented, formatted and archived to be credible and useful.  Data sharing significantly enhances its value to the originator in terms of increased visibility and citations. Society benefits because other scientists are then able to see and reuse the data.

Increasingly, funders (government and private foundations) require proper data management and in many cases public data availability. Journal editors, conscious of the need for data transparency, often require authors to list a repository where the supporting data can be found. Funders are not set up to perform this evaluation in any consistent manner. Thus DataVer’s review and certification provides a reliable yardstick for the funding agencies to judge the compliance of their grantees in their data management.

DataVer provides an objective review of the grant-funded data against the data management plan or the funder’s data guidelines. For data that meets the stated requirements (see the review standards link), we issue a public certification of compliance. In addition, for data that is made publicly available, we compare its availability and usability against our standards and then rate it on a three star scale.

Our written certification of compliance and star review provide assurance to current and future funders regarding the Principal Investigator’s history of compliance; documentation that may prove pivotal in a favorable funding decision.

DataVer is also available to provide certification of an investigator’s grant portfolio or a laboratory’s overall compliance. To get started, click on the how it works link. For questions please contact us. We look forward to working with you.